Successful entrants will be emailed instructions on how to upload their e-posters for presentation. Your ePoster should be produced using the PowerPoint Poster template which is provided. The content of the presentation should be in a single slide. ePosters of different dimensions may be skewed/stretched/truncated when displayed on the monitors at the Annual Scientific Congress unless they conform to the template.

Awards for best e-poster presentations : 1st Prize – RM1,000, 2nd Prize – RM750 and 3rd Prize – RM500

Top 10 posters will be shortlisted. The presenters for these shortlisted posters must present their work to the judges in a 5-minute presentation.


Closing date for ePoster submission is 1 July 2019.

Please note that acceptance email for ePosters has been sent.
The email will have the link for you to submit your ePoster.
If you do not find your email, please check in your Spam folder.
If your name is on the Accepted List but you are unable to find your email,
please contact us for assistance.



Deadline Day Warning
You are encouraged to submit your ePoster as early as possible in order to avoid the
deadline congestion that is expected. Server congestion could result in frustration such
as slow service or in worst case scenario, failure to submit your ePoster.


Your e-poster should be produced using the PowerPoint Poster provided template. The content of the presentation should be in a single slide. E-Posters of different dimensions may be skewed / stretched / truncated when displayed on the ePoster monitors unless they conform to the template.



ePoster Preparation & Submission

  • Accepted entries will be sent an acceptance email.
  • The acceptance email will come with instructions on how to submit the ePoster.
  • All ePosters must be prepared using the template provided.
  • The template is in Ms Powerpoint format. Click here to download the template.
  • Please follow instructions in the template.
  • Save your poster in PDF format.
  • Our ePoster system will only accept ePosters in PDF format.
  • Important: you must keep the size of your PDF to 1mb and below.
  • The system will reject files that are larger than 1mb.

ePosters will be displayed on 40-inch LCD monitors.


Reduce size of your photos!

Our system restricts your eposter pdf files to 1mb and below. If your eposter is going
to have photographs, please make sure to reduce the size of the photographs before
you import them into the Powerpoint template.

Check the size of the photograph before you import • If size is above 500kb you
should resize it using any image editing program such as Paint or Photoshop • All image
editing software will have options to Resize image • Make sure you have a duplicate of
the photograph saved in case you overdo the downsizing • You will know you overdid
it when you import it into the template and it looks too pixelated • If you have
problems trying to do this, try this website