Pre-Congress Workshops

26 March 2020

Transoesophageal Echocardiography

The aim of this workshop is to discuss 2D Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE). The course programme encompasses a mix of lectures, case-based presentations and hands-on practical workshops on TEE simulators.

We will discuss the basic principles of echocardiography, acquire basic skills in probe manipulation and image acquisition, discussion on the standard views of TEE and describe and perform an assessment of valvular, ventricular function and hemodynamic using TEE.

Thoracic Anaesthesia – Lung Isolation Technique

Lung isolation is a clinical procedure that requires good technical skill to perform. It requires competencies in using various types of airway tubes and blockers, performing flexible bronchoscopy and managing arterial oxygen desaturation.

This workshop will use a combination of informative lectures, hands-on teaching using simulators and supervised practice. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in bronchoscopic airway anatomy, and selection and use of double lumen tube and blockers. An understanding of the physiology of one-lung ventilation is a pre-requisite which will be reviewed as well.

Perioperative Goal Directed Therapy

The perioperative period management is evolving over time from conventional techniques to Perioperative Goal Directed Therapy (PGDT). Implementing PGDT in moderate to high risk surgery has shown significant clinical and economic benefits including reducing morbidity, length of stay and reduced costs per patient.

This course is encompasses a mix of lectures, simulations, live demos and case discussions and aims to introduce the concept of PGDT, its implementation and benefit. It will introduce the concept of advance hemodynamic monitoring and perioperative goal directed therapy and discuss different protocols of perioperative goal directed therapy. Participants will understand the benefits of employing intraoperative advanced hemodynamic monitoring.

Aeromedicine - Transportation Of The Critically Ill

The keys to successful transportation of the critically ill in Aeromedicine are planning for and responding to any deterioration in the condition that mandated urgent transport and to conditions induced by the aerospace environment.

These course is to introduce the field of Aeromedicine as it is practiced in Malaysia, to discuss aviation physiology, some of the challenges faced in this field, especially due to low financial resources allocated to the service and how we have overcome them, international critical care transportation of patients (insured and non-insured) and how doctors and nurses who are interested can be involved in future missions.

Education – Critical Appraisal

This workshop will take you step by step through two important types of journal articles for the busy clinicians – Randomized Controlled Trial and Systematic Review.

You will gain the skills to appraise the methodology of clinical trials, to make sense of the results and their significance; and to judge if the results apply to your patients. You will be clearer on the concept of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and more confident with terms like randomization, relative risks, number needed to treat and confidence intervals. The workshop will also cover the use of online resources like PubMed and Cochrane, and the application of GRADE criteria in the development of clinical guidelines.